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Catholic Parish, Domeikava, Lithuania

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Pro Vita

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The parish was established in 1990. Construction began in 1993 and is still uncompleted. There are 6 600 residents in Domeikava who are mostly catholic.
Domeikava is 10 km (6 miles) from Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania. The parish is surrounded by international motor highways Via Baltic and Minsk-Vilnius-Klaipeda.

After WW II, the Soviet army occupied Lithuania. One-third of the nation was deported to Siberia and other Soviet areas. The following 50 years of Soviet regime resulted in cultural and religious repression in Lithuania. A park of sculptures, 'the road of torment of the Lithuanian nation', is being located close to a church under construction at that location. Fourteen sculptures reflecting our nation's pains and tragic historical events are being erected at the site.
In Saliai Village (near Domeikava), a famous underground printing - house named "ab" was established by V. Andziulis and J. Bacevicius and in 1980 produced the Catechism as the first underground printed matter. The Soviet security service (KGB) was unsuccessful in trying to find the location of this printing house. There is now a museum at that location.
   Fr. Robertas Skrinskas the pastor is very active in the pro-life movement.
The economic situation in Lithuania is still very critical, therefore the faithful of Domeikava ask for Your financial help. The archbishop of Kaunas, H.E. Sigitas Tamkevicius supports this request.
We are also interested in establishing "Sister-Parish" relationships with parishes in other countries.
Even a small donation will help church grow !
Please write to the pastor  for more information.

If you are able to help please send check to
Beneficiary's Bank: 
     AB bankas "Swedbank"
Beneficiary`s Account No:
Parish Code:   292057090

The consecration of Domeikava church 02 July, 2006

Contact information:
LT - 54360, Kauno r.

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Copyright by Robertas Skrinskas